Chalk It Up

March 24, 2015

Hermione loves the chalkboard in her playroom. It’s at the perfect level for her and she has a blast drawing with “chocolate” ( her word for chalk these days) and listening to music. In order to minimize the mess me use this anti-dust chalk that we found at our favorite toy store, Norman and Jules. Read more

Palm Beach Style

March 16, 2015

After what has felt like and incredibly long, cold, gloomy winter Doug and I decided to take Hermione to Florida for a little warmth and sunshine. She loved our Jamaica  trip so much that we thought one more break before spring arrives would do us all a world of good. We had and incredibly fun, sunny five day break in Palm Beach and all feel restored and revived. Hermione had the time of her life and was all smiles and happiness the entire trip. She played so hard in the pool and on the beach everyday that she slept until almost 8am each morning (very late for my girl!) and took a three hour nap each afternoon! Read more

Sunshine and Family Time

March 16, 2015
Sunshine and Family Time

We just returned from a lovely, rejuvenating family trip to Palm Beach. The warm weather, sun and relaxation were just what Doug, Hermione and I needed to make it though these last cold days of winter. Here’s a little recap of our trip! Read more

Toddler Travel

March 9, 2015

Before our trip to Jamaica I was more than a bit nervous about traveling with Hermione. We hadn’t taken her on a plane since she was a baby and I had no idea how she would react. I began packing for our trip far, far ahead of time to make sure I didn’t leave anything at home. Yes, I am just a little Type A.My biggest project was packing a carry on full of everything she might possibly need for our flight. I am happy to say it worked and Hermione was a champ on the plane! So much so that we decided to take another short beach vacation! Read more

Tired Feet

February 18, 2015
Tired Feet

When I was pregnant with Hermione I had some very significant and unpleasant swelling in my feet. The last few weeks I couldn’t be on my feet for more than 20 minutes without them looking like loaves of bread. It was unattractive and uncomfortable to say the least. Fortunately, shortly after giving birth my feet went back to their normal size. However, due to all of the swelling and extra fluid they do not feel the same as they used to. I do not have the articulation of movement in my feet that I once had and they get tired and feel painful much more often. Read more

Introducing the NEW Daily Harvest

There have been some major and exciting changes going on at Daily Harvest this past month and I am THRILLED to finally share them with you!

First, we have BRAND NEW PACKAGING!!! Each blend now comes in an air-tight cup so you can store longer AND take your blends on the run. Plus, no more need for a separate measuring cup. Just empty the contents of your cup into your blender, fill the empty cup with the liquid of your choice (it’s the perfect amount!) add that to the blender and blend away! We took an already easy process and made it foolproof!

We also now have more subscription options so there is something for every lifestyle and freezer size. So whether you want tons of blends  in your freezer at a time or just a small handful we have you covered!

Lastly, we now offer expanded and easier delivery. Not only are we now delivering to all of NY State but we are shipping via FedEx. Brooklynites and Long Islanders rejoice!

Click here to order now.

Happy Blending!

When It’s Over

January 9, 2015
When It’s Over

photo by Viera Photographics 

“As long as she wants.” “Until she’s done.” Whenever anyone asked me how long I planned to nurse Hermione that was always my answer. Hermione and I fought hard for our beautiful nursing relationship and I was in no rush to give it up. For the past few months she was only nursing three times a day (down from almost ten at it’s height), in the morning, after her nap, and in the bath before bed. She would nurse more often if she were sick or hurt. I loved that I could always be a source of instant warmth and comfort to her. I loved the snuggly, quiet times with her. I loved nursing her in the middle of the night if she woke up and needed me. Sitting in the rocking chair with my sweet girl, feeling like the only two people in the world will always be my happy place. The smell of her hair, her little hands waving around and stroking my face, the sweet way she would say “milkies please Mommy.” I loved and cherished every second of nursing my girl. I truly thought she would nurse until she was two or three. And I would have been fine with that. More than fine. Read more

Decking Our Halls

December 16, 2014
Decking Our Halls

This past weekend Doug, Hermione and I got into the holiday spirit by trimming our tree, making these cookies and wrapping presents. We had a great, cozy family time and it is so sweet to see Hermione start to take part in holiday festivities. Tonight we will light our menorah, give Hermione her first little Hanukkah gift  and make these latkes. I love how we are creating and adding onto our family traditions each year. As mushy as it sounds, the holidays really are much more fun now that we have a little one to share them with. Read more

Berry, Merry and Bright

December 2, 2014

Friday officially started the holiday season which means there is plenty of gift shopping to do, trees to trim, parties to attend, and hopefully holiday stress to avoid! Just in time for the holidays, Daily Harvest is launching two new flavors (created by yours truly) to help keep you on the healthy track into 2015! Read more

Happy Freezing Weekend!

November 21, 2014

Happy freezing weekend! Hermione was sick most of this week and now that she is better I can’t wait to catch up on some much needed sleep. On Saturday night I am going to a screening of this movie and I could not be more excited!

Here are some fun links for you. Happy Friday!

I have been trying to drink 1 gallon of water per day. This pretty bottle makes it much easier!

Makeup shopping by look? Yes, please!

I may have to make these for my next get together.

Have you seen this video yet? It’s time to stop waiting and #EndEbola