Decking Our Halls

December 16, 2014
Decking Our Halls

This past weekend Doug, Hermione and I got into the holiday spirit by trimming our tree, making these cookies and wrapping presents. We had a great, cozy family time and it is so sweet to see Hermione start to take part in holiday festivities. Tonight we will light our menorah, give Hermione her first little Hanukkah gift  and make these latkes. I love how we are creating and adding onto our family traditions each year. As mushy as it sounds, the holidays really are much more fun now that we have a little one to share them with. Read more

Berry, Merry and Bright

December 2, 2014

Friday officially started the holiday season which means there is plenty of gift shopping to do, trees to trim, parties to attend, and hopefully holiday stress to avoid! Just in time for the holidays, Daily Harvest is launching two new flavors (created by yours truly) to help keep you on the healthy track into 2015! Read more

Happy Freezing Weekend!

November 21, 2014

Happy freezing weekend! Hermione was sick most of this week and now that she is better I can’t wait to catch up on some much needed sleep. On Saturday night I am going to a screening of this movie and I could not be more excited!

Here are some fun links for you. Happy Friday!

I have been trying to drink 1 gallon of water per day. This pretty bottle makes it much easier!

Makeup shopping by look? Yes, please!

I may have to make these for my next get together.

Have you seen this video yet? It’s time to stop waiting and #EndEbola

Hermione’s World

November 19, 2014
Hermione’s World

I am beyond excited to announce the launch of HERMIONE’S WORLD! After sharing my blog for over a year, Hermione decided it was time to get her own! The writing is mama’s but the opinions are all Hermione’s! From toddler fashion picks, to favorite recipes, to adventures around NYC and beyond Hermione’s World will cover it all!

Don’t worry, I will still be blogging here about all things Clean, Pure and Simple!

Click HERE to visit Hermione’s World and be sure to check us out on Instagram with #hermionesworld.

Fast Flawless Foundation

November 14, 2014
Fast Flawless Foundation

With a very busy toddler ( where did my baby go?!?) on my hands I do not have much time for a long drawn out makeup routine. In fact, most of the time I leave the house completely bare faced with wet hair which leaves me looking a bit…shall we say… tired? When I can manage to steal 5 minutes, I have perfected a super fast routine that is fail proof! Read more

Kale and Delicata Squash Salad

I am lucky to have a wonderful farmer’s market across the street from my apartment on the weekends. It happens to be just outside of Hermione’s favorite playground so we often stop there on our way home. As fall produce hits it’s peak the market has been bursting with all sorts of gorgeous squashes. My most favorite these days is delicata squash. Slightly sweet and creamy the best part about delicata squash is that you can eat the skin which makes for super easy prep. No thick skin to peel and slice through! Read more

Beauty. Food. Gratitude.

October 21, 2014
Beauty. Food. Gratitude.

The Beauty Food Supper Club is back! Join us on November 10th at Sun In Bloom for an indulgent yet healthful  four-course dinner and learn to eat for the skin, hair and nails of your dreams. Read more

Frozen Bliss

October 16, 2014
Frozen Bliss

I am a self admitted (vegan) ice cream addict. On any given day Doug and I have 3-4 pints of various vegan ice creams in our freezer. Even in the coldest of weather I love to have a small bowl of ice cream for dessert. Few indulgences make me happier. Read more

Well Accessorized

September 30, 2014
Well Accessorized

One of Hermione’s favorite activities is going through my bag and taking everything out, looking at it, playing with it, and sometimes (rarely) putting it back in. From my wallet, to my sunglasses, to my phone, the contents of my bag amazes her! Knowing how much she loves rooting through my bag I decided to get her a little purse of her own filled with treasures she can explore. Her “purse” as she calls it is one of her favorite toys. It even keeps her happy and calm in the car which is major for us. Read more

Happy Weekend

September 26, 2014
Happy Weekend

Happy Friday! The weather is so gorgeous today it’s hard to believe it’s almost October (and my birthday). Hermione has had a cold and cough all week (nothing sadder than a sick, sniffly, snotty baby) so I am hoping things turn around and we can enjoy this beautiful weather. Tonight, we are headed back out to the beach where we plan on doing some farm stand shopping, lounging around the house, and maybe a visit here if peanut is feeling up to it.

Here are some things I am loving this week:

This heavenly treat is currently tempting me from my freezer. Cacao Miso Crunch anyone?

I don’t wear much makeup these days but this has become a must have, everyday, game changer.

The cutest hair clips, hands down.

My friend Vanessa on the reality of a post partum body. So beautifully put.