Health and Wellness Coaching

Do you want to be healthier but don’t know how?

Do you wish you could look in your fridge and find something healthy to eat?

Do you need support on your journey to total wellness?

I give you all the tools to live a healthful life the Clean, Pure and Simple way.

(1)Sundried Tomato and Olive Tapenade, (2)Thanksgiving Tomatoes, (3)BLTTA Wrap, (4)Roasted Beet Dip, (5)Watermelon Cooler, (6)Green Pomegranate Smoothie

The main course

My one on one coaching will help you get on and remain on the path to
lasting, natural health. Using a holistic approach I will consider all aspects of your diet, health and lifestyle. We will work together to build personalized sessions based on your needs, including:

Guiding your transition to a healthier lifestyle

Increasing your energy

Understanding and reducing your cravings

Helping you feel amazing in your body

Learning how to eat a healthy diet

Finding an exercise routine you love

Clean, Pure and Simple. Health and Wellness coaching is available in various packages based on your wants and needs. After an initial consultation we will design a program together that will help you achieve all of your goals!

side dishes

These services can be done on their own, or as part of a Clean, Pure and Simple. Coaching package:

grocery store tour guide

Does a trip to the grocery store leave you overwhelmed and confused? Do you always buy the same not so-great-for-you items because it’s easy? Together we will walk through your local grocery or health food store to change the way you look at food shopping. I will answer all of your questions about what to look for and what to avoid, and suggest my personal favorite items.

sara’s kitchen takeover

Healthy living starts in your kitchen. I will visit your home to help you make your pantry,
refrigerator and freezer a place you enjoy visiting, instead of a place that you fear. Once your kitchen’s act is cleaned up, we will head to the grocery store together to purchase everything you need to get on track, and stay on track. After our shopping trip we will return back home to restock and organize the kitchen with your new purchases!

clean, pure and simple cooking 101

Your own personal cooking class! I will show you how to make my favorite Clean, Pure and Simple basics. From smoothies, to salads, to satisfying meals, you will leave this session with an arsenal of easy to make, delicious recipes that will become your go-to meals.

Please contact me at for pricing and to set up a consultation!