I can’t believe I am already 30 weeks pregnant! This pregnancy has truly flown by. I guess having a very busy toddler to take care of gives me a lot less time to focus on myself. Apart from a little battle with tendinitis that left me limping for two weeks this pregnancy has been smooth sailing. I have not had the unfortunate bacne I had with Hermione and so far the swelling in my ankles has been minimal. Fingers crossed these last 10 (or maybe 8? Pretty please!) weeks are not too bad. Here a a few things I have been loving this pregnancy that have made every day a little easier!

Mama Mio Visible Stretch Mark Eraser

I was able to escape my first pregnancy with no stretch marks on my boobs or belly but Hermione did leave her mark so to speak on my tush! With a beach trip to Jamaica coming up I have been rubbing this stuff on religiously and I have to say it has been working! I have a feeling I will see even more improvement after baby girl comes.

Mama Mio Lucky Legs 

At the end of a long day I love rubbing my feet, ankles and legs with this cooling gel and propping them up the wall for 15 minutes or so to help combat swelling. My feet and ankles definately have the hardest time when I am pregnant but this gel does seem to help.

Yoga Toes

Doug got these for me for my birthday (romantic right?) and they have been a huge help for stretching out my my sore and tired feet. I even think my yoga practice has improved because of them!

Butter Elixer

This heavenly combination of Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Lavender and Chamomile is the perfect thing to slather all over my body ( including my belly) to help keep it hydrated and prevent any further stretch marks. I have even been using it on Hermione!

VIM and VIGR Compression Socks

Compression socks are a travel essential for me. They keep my blood from pooling in my ankles when sitting on an airplane and help minimize swelling which can easily be exacerbated during flights. This cute pair from VIM and VIGR will certainly be in my Jamaica carry on this weekend!

Bkr Bottle

Staying hydrated while pregnant (and nursing) is essential. I carry this super cute Bkr bottle everywhere with me and am constantly refilling it to make sure I get the tons and tons of water I need!

Dry Lips, Relieved

December 17, 2015
Dry Lips, Relieved

Doug and I are lip balm people. You can find a lip balm on every table, in every drawer, in every coat pocket in our house. Nothing annoys me more than being stuck without a lip balm and having to deal with parched dry lips.  Read more

Hermione’s Holiday Gift Guide

photo by Jami Saunders 

Here’s a few of Hermione’s gift picks for the holidays in case you have any little ladies in your life to shop for! Read more

Leg Warmers… Not Just for 80′s Parties and Ballerinas

My name is Sara and I love leg warmers. Not in an ironic way. Not just on babies. Cozy leg warmers are the greatest thing when you spend most of your day in cropped leggings going to and from yoga or SoulCycle. As soon as the weather turns chilly in NYC leg warmers become an essential part of my to/from workout wardrobe. Read more

My Daily Supplements

November 23, 2015
My Daily Supplements

In general I am not a huge fan of overdoing it with vitamins and supplements. I believe that eating a varied diet rich in plant based foods helps me cover all of my bases nutritionally. However, since a few months before becoming pregnant with Hermione I began taking prenatal vitamins to make sure I was getting everything I need in order to support the growth of a healthy baby. When you are pregnant your body needs more of certain vitamins and minerals that can be hard to obtain no matter what your diet. Think of a good prenatal as your “insurance policy.” I actually never stopped taking my prenatal between my first pregnancy and this one. I needed the extra support while nursing and even after that my body was so depleted from 10 months of pregnancy and 20 months of nursing that it continued to need all the help it could get!
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