Pumpkin Time

Happy fall! There is a chill in the air, the days are slowly getting shorter, and I have switched my cold brew for hot lattes (decaf with almond milk of course). If you are like me around this time every year you start to get a hankering for pumpkin spice anything. Muffins, granola, muffins, pie… nothing says fall more than pumpkin. Unfortunately most pumpkin flavored treats are huge sugar and calorie bombs. Most…but not all!

This fall Daily Harvest is excited to introduce our very first seasonal flavor…Pumpkin Pie! Sweet, creamy and yet still good for you this blend packed with Vitamins and antioxidants will get you right into the fall spirit! To order your Pumpkin Pie smoothie today,click here.

Cold Brew Season

I grew up in a coffee drinking household. My dad spent most of his career in the coffee, sugar and cocoa industry so there were always pounds and pounds of coffee around. In college my coffee drinking habit got a little out of control ( it was theater school after all) and I found myself consuming multiple fancy coffee drinks a day. Knowing that all that caffeine (not to mention the milk that went with it…yuck!) was not so good for me I quit cold turkey a few years after I graduated.  Read more

Daily Harvest

Friends have often told me they wish I would come to their house and make them one of my smoothies every day. I get it. Smoothie making can get frustrating for even me. Keeping our fridge and freezer stocked with ample ingredients can be difficult and more often than not produce goes bad before it all gets used.

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There is no doubt Hermione is my daughter. Like her mama she loves clothes, books, and vegetables! I have to admit I was scared when I first introduced her to my beloved kale. What if she did not love it? Luckily, my girl gobbles up all sorts of dark leafy greens like kale and spinach. She prefers them in a smoothie but has been known to eat a handful or two of sautéed spinach as well!

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Tea Time

Unlike my husband who cannot go to sleep without a cup, I have never been a big tea drinker. Save a few Alice in Wonderland themed birthday parties growing up my tea consumption has been limited. I find that by the time I drink all of the water and green juice I need to in a day there is little time left for other beverages such as tea.

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Frozen Hot Chocolate

Something about the holiday season makes me feel a little bit like a kid again. All of a sudden I want to go ice-skating, wrap presents, decorate a tree, light a menorah and drink hot chocolate. Frozen Hot Chocolate that is. Growing up my most favorite treat on the planet was the Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity. This incredibly decadent treat is/was served in a giant glass and topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. One of them is enough to give four kids a major sugar high. I have not touched the stuff in at least twenty years but I can still recall the experience vividly.

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Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Happy October! This past weekend it really started to feel like fall- crisp, and slightly cool. On Saturday night I wore a jacket out to dinner, which is always a clear sign of weather change. This really is my favorite time of year, I love New York in October.

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New Video on VegNews TV- How to Make a Green Smoothie

If you read my blog regularly you know that green smoothies are a huge part of my daily routine. Huge. A green smoothie is basically any nutrient dense smoothie that involves greens such as kale, spinach, romaine, chard etc. We are not talking the bottled, fruit and sugar laden smoothies here! These are pure, green nutrition!

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Spicy Limeade

In the spirit of the Jewish New Year, I have made a few resolutions for myself. As I mentioned yesterday I am much more likely to stick to resolutions made in September than in January so now seemed like the perfect time! My biggest resolution is to seriously cut back my alcohol consumption. I am not a huge drinker but after a summer of constant socializing and a fall that promises to be just as busy, I need to give my body a break. With this in mind I have resolved to not drink on weeknights at all and to greatly limit my drinking on weekends. Starting tonight I have three weeks of constant activity (birthdays, holidays, charity events, video shoots, parties) and there is no way I will make it through if I do not take even better care of my body than I usually do.

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Watermelon Slushie

This last week of summer “vacation” has left me overwhelmed with feelings of nostalgia. Although it has been many years since the first week of September meant back to school I still feel the same sadness for summers end (and the same desire to buy school supplies). Also, this week is the Hampton Classic which has made me miss my equestrian days quite deeply. I was a committed horseback rider for most of my childhood and teenage years. While I competed in many horse shows up and down the East Coast the Hampton Classic was always one of my favorites. I may stop by tomorrow or Friday and watch some of the classes I used to show in. It has been far too long since I’ve been to a horse show!

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