Easy Electrolyte Drink

For the past few weeks there has been a nasty bug making it’s way around our neighborhood (and our house!). Everyone I know has gotten a bad stomach flu that has lingered for awhile. Hermione, Doug and I have all gotten it to one degree or another. When you have a stomach bug and are throwing up a ton you run a huge risk of getting dehydrated from loss of electrolytes. Electrolytes ( potassium, sodium and chloride) are minerals the body uses to regulate the transport of fluids. You need their help to stay healthy and hydrated. Water alone is not enough to get you back to where you need to be after a bout with a bug. Read more

Introducing the NEW Daily Harvest

There have been some major and exciting changes going on at Daily Harvest this past month and I am THRILLED to finally share them with you!

First, we have BRAND NEW PACKAGING!!! Each blend now comes in an air-tight cup so you can store longer AND take your blends on the run. Plus, no more need for a separate measuring cup. Just empty the contents of your cup into your blender, fill the empty cup with the liquid of your choice (it’s the perfect amount!) add that to the blender and blend away! We took an already easy process and made it foolproof!

We also now have more subscription options so there is something for every lifestyle and freezer size. So whether you want tons of blends  in your freezer at a time or just a small handful we have you covered!

Lastly, we now offer expanded and easier delivery. Not only are we now delivering to all of NY State but we are shipping via FedEx. Brooklynites and Long Islanders rejoice!

Click here to order now.

Happy Blending!

Pumpkin Time

Happy fall! There is a chill in the air, the days are slowly getting shorter, and I have switched my cold brew for hot lattes (decaf with almond milk of course). If you are like me around this time every year you start to get a hankering for pumpkin spice anything. Muffins, granola, muffins, pie… nothing says fall more than pumpkin. Unfortunately most pumpkin flavored treats are huge sugar and calorie bombs. Most…but not all!

This fall Daily Harvest is excited to introduce our very first seasonal flavor…Pumpkin Pie! Sweet, creamy and yet still good for you this blend packed with Vitamins and antioxidants will get you right into the fall spirit! To order your Pumpkin Pie smoothie today,click here.

Every Night Summer Salad

How is it August? This summer is flying by way too fast. Hermione, Doug, Maddy and I have been having a wonderful time in East Hampton with lots of beach trips, swims in the pool, backyard play and farm stand visits.  Read more

Cold Brew Season

I grew up in a coffee drinking household. My dad spent most of his career in the coffee, sugar and cocoa industry so there were always pounds and pounds of coffee around. In college my coffee drinking habit got a little out of control ( it was theater school after all) and I found myself consuming multiple fancy coffee drinks a day. Knowing that all that caffeine (not to mention the milk that went with it…yuck!) was not so good for me I quit cold turkey a few years after I graduated.  Read more

Daily Harvest

Friends have often told me they wish I would come to their house and make them one of my smoothies every day. I get it. Smoothie making can get frustrating for even me. Keeping our fridge and freezer stocked with ample ingredients can be difficult and more often than not produce goes bad before it all gets used.

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Food Rut

Food Rut

I am embarrassed to admit this. I ordered take out last night. In fact, we have ordered takeout or picked up dinner to go the majority of nights the past few weeks. To say I have been in a cooking rut is the understatement of the year. The past few months have been so busy between Hermione, several large work projects (stay tuned for details) and some major apartment redesigning that cooking has fallen by the wayside. By the time I put Hermione to bed at night I am so exhausted I can’t even begin to think about making dinner. Add to this my beloved Sun In Bloom opening a takeout spot down the street and you can see why I have not been cooking as much as I would like.

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Mama and Me SunButter and Banana Sandwich

TGIF! With the return of the cold weather this week seemed to drag on a bit. I am looking forward to the weekend and some quality family time. Tonight Doug and I are going on a date night to Les Miserables on Broadway. I am such a theatre nerd! I have probably seen Les Mis a bagillion times between the original production when I was growing up, the last Broadway revival, and the recent (not so great IMHO) movie. Still I can’t wait! Neither can my inner 12 year old who liked to pretend she was Eponine ;)

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Mama and Me Freezer Cookies

A few months ago I began introducing Hermione to nut butters and nut milks. I have to admit the reasons were partially selfish. I use nuts so often that having Hermione enjoy them along with me has made cooking for the two of us much, much easier. She and I can now share green smoothies! Along with green smoothies Hermione has also been enjoying these Almond Butter Freezer Cookies. They are an easy way to get her the healthy fats and protein found in nuts, all in a form she can grasp in her tiny hands. The “Mama” version is a take on a dessert I enjoyed often while pregnant. I love to make a big batch of these and store then in the freezer so the are ready when either of us needs a little treat!

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There is no doubt Hermione is my daughter. Like her mama she loves clothes, books, and vegetables! I have to admit I was scared when I first introduced her to my beloved kale. What if she did not love it? Luckily, my girl gobbles up all sorts of dark leafy greens like kale and spinach. She prefers them in a smoothie but has been known to eat a handful or two of sautéed spinach as well!

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