Sunshine and Family Time

We just returned from a lovely, rejuvenating family trip to Palm Beach. The warm weather, sun and relaxation were just what Doug, Hermione and I needed to make it though these last cold days of winter. Here’s a little recap of our trip! Read more

Rocky Mountain High

This week has been a bit of a trying one. While everything I have going on is exciting and I am grateful for it all I am finishing this week exhausted and with a cold to boot. I rarely if ever get sick, and when I do it is almost always stress induced. With that said my apologies that I have been light on the posting this week!

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Holiday Weekend Sweet Potatoes

This past weekend was one of indulgence. Doug and I were in East Hampton for the holiday weekend, and we certainly made the most of it. We checked out the Hampton’s Film Festival, ate an amazing dinner at Tom Colicchio’s new Topping Rose House ( it was very dark so sadly no photos), rode the new Soul-Cycle bikes at the Bridgehampton Barn, and spent many hours lazing around. It was the perfect way to end my Birthday Week (yes I said week). There is no place I would rather be than by the beach with my husband and dog. It truly is my happy place. Read more

Hamptons Juice Tour Part Three- Jack’s

I grew up surrounded by coffee and coffee drinkers. My father made his career in coffee, sugar and cocoa, and by the time I was a teen I was enjoying a cup or so of java a day. There were always bags of exotic coffee in our house and the smell still makes me nostalgic for my childhood. You can imagine the shock in my family when I quit drinking coffee about four years ago! For me quitting coffee was a huge step in cleaning up my eating and drinking habits. Not only did I quit coffee but I also was finally able to quit dairy as the skim milk in my daily latte was the last vestige of dairy in my diet.

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Hamptons Juice Tour Part Two- wellNEST

Do you ever find a store that you love so much you want to visit every day? That is how I feel about wellNEST in Sag Harbor, the second stop on my Hamptons green juice tour! Located in a historic Sag Harbor house, wellNEST is an extremely well curated lifestyle store that carries some of my favorite goodies from Tara Harper Skincare and Priti nail polishes, to loveshackfancy dresses, to fantastic one of a kind gifts for anyone in your life. On a recent visit I spotted an “Adopt a Meerkat” kit which may just end up in the Christmas stocking of several animal lovers I know!

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Hamptons Juice Tour Part One- The Juicy Naam

Whenever I travel for any period of time I always make sure I know what my green juice options are where I am going. One of the many, many things I adore about The Hamptons is the plethora of spots to get green juice. While I am here I never have to worry about getting my daily juice in!

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We just got back from a fantastic week in Los Angeles. L.A. is truly one of my favorite places to visit. For years my mother, sister and brother lived there so I always feel at home when visiting. L.A. is also the last place I saw my brother before he passed unexpectedly so being there always makes me feel close to him. It’s amazing how certain places hold very powerful and charged memories.

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Highlights From South of The Border

Hola! I just returned from a wonderfully relaxing five days at one of my most favorite spots ever, the Banyan Tree Mayakoba. Not only is this resort truly breathtaking but it holds a very special meaning for Doug and I as the location of our wedding.

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Paleta Sip ‘Til Supper Detox

I think I can safely say that I have tried every juice cleanse on the island of Manhattan. From one to seven days programs, I have sipped my way through them all! While I have enjoyed most of the juice cleanses I have taken on I find that drinking green juice and eating an extremely clean diet each and every day works much better for my body than the occasional juice cleanse. However, there are some times when I want to kick things up a notch and really do some deep internal cleaning. By juicing I can give my body a break from digestion so it can spend it’s time doing some much needed “housekeeping”.

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Long Weekend Highlights

Memorial Day weekend is my favorite weekend of the year. It is the unofficial, official start to summer and for me and Doug that means the start of weekends away from now until September. Doug, Maddy and I split our summer weekends between the Hamptons with my family, the Hudson Valley with his, and the Connecticut shore where I serve on the board of the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. It’s a lot of hours in the car but well worth it for all the sunshine and time out of the concrete jungle of NYC.

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