Ring Cleaning

I still remember seeing my engagement ring for the first time. I was so shocked and excited when Doug asked me to marry him and showed me this gorgeous ring I spit wine all over myself. Classy. Read more

Wedding Wednesday- Honeymooning

Next weekend I am attending the first in a string of summer weddings. For this particular wedding we are headed to LA for the week, and I am very exited. Any trip to California instantly reminds me of my own “mini moon.” Since our wedding was in a tropical location, Doug and I did not feel the urge to take a long honeymoon right away. Instead, we delayed our honeymoon for several months and took a California road trip “mini moon.” We started in LA where I had a few work obligations, and then headed north to Big Sur, Carmel and San Francisco. By the time we took our real honeymoon to the Maldives six months later we were both really ready for a long vacation, one that we may not have appreciated immediately after our wedding.

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Wedding Wednesday- On The Big Day

Spending last week in Mexico, at the resort where Doug and I were married got me thinking a lot about my own wedding day. I got to stay in a room just like the one I got ready in, walk past the places where Doug and I took photos together, stand on the spot where we exchanged vows, and visit ( and dance at!) the site of our reception. It was very magical and brought back a flood of happy memories.

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Wedding Wednesday- What to Pack For Your Big Day

This week I am going on a very special vacation with Doug’s family. We are headed to the Banyan Tree Mayakoba, the incredibly special resort in Mexico where Doug and I were married. I am so excited to go back to a place filled with so many happy memories. It will certainly be a bit different than the last time we were there! About 95 friends and family members different.

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Wedding Wednesday- Healthy Bachelorette Party Ideas

It’s Wedding Wednesday again! Today I wanted to give some of my personal favorite alternatives to the traditional booze and embarrassment filled bachelorette party.

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Wedding Wednesday- Top Tips For Brides to Be

With the beginning of summer comes the beginning of wedding season. Recently my mailbox had been full of invitations to friend’s weddings, showers and bachelorette parties. I have my lineup of attire ready to go from black tie to beach club chic. I have bought more lingerie and mixing bowls than I care to share. All of this nuptial activity started me thinking about my own wedding and the tips and tricks I learned during the planning process that kept me healthy and sane. Having already walked down the aisle I know how stressful a wedding can be, and how much there is to think about. Over the next few “Wedding Wednesdays” I will share tips for brides that will help keep your special day as clean, pure and simple as possible.

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