Friday officially started the holiday season which means there is plenty of gift shopping to do, trees to trim, parties to attend, and hopefully holiday stress to avoid! Just in time for the holidays, Daily Harvest is launching two new flavors (created by yours truly) to help keep you on the healthy track into 2015! Read more

Happy freezing weekend! Hermione was sick most of this week and now that she is better I can’t wait to catch up on some much needed sleep. On Saturday night I am going to a screening of this movie and I could not be more excited!

Here are some fun links for you. Happy Friday!

I have been trying to drink 1 gallon of water per day. This pretty bottle makes it much easier!

Makeup shopping by look? Yes, please!

I may have to make these for my next get together.

Have you seen this video yet? It’s time to stop waiting and #EndEbola

Frozen Bliss

I am a self admitted (vegan) ice cream addict. On any given day Doug and I have 3-4 pints of various vegan ice creams in our freezer. Even in the coldest of weather I love to have a small bowl of ice cream for dessert. Few indulgences make me happier. Read more

Daily Harvest

Friends have often told me they wish I would come to their house and make them one of my smoothies every day. I get it. Smoothie making can get frustrating for even me. Keeping our fridge and freezer stocked with ample ingredients can be difficult and more often than not produce goes bad before it all gets used.

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Have you heard of the Snippet App? Snippets are media rich, beautifully designed, mini e-books that you can download and read from your mobile device. With a huge range of topics from health to fiction there is a Snippet for everyone! Best part is the app is FREE and the Snippets range from just .99-$4.99!

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Who says dogs and cats can’t get along?


How will you be celebrating? Doug and I had a late night last night watching the Red Sox win the World Series so I think we will take it easy tonight. Hermione is still a little young for Trick-or-Treating so we may just watch a scary movie after she goes to bed! Read more

Ask Me Anything!

I was inspired to start this site by my friends and families questions about my health, cooking and beauty habits. In the (two!) years I have had this blog I have loved sharing my healthy tips and finds helping others on the path to cleaner, greener lives.

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Top 10 Instant Detox Tips for Mind, Body and Beauty

Spring cleaning can take many different forms. From cleaning up your eating routine to sorting through what is lurking in your cabinets there are many ways to spring clean for the season ahead. At last week’s Beauty Food Supper Club Rebecca, Jolene, and I treated guests to a mini workshop focused on spring detox tips for mind, body and beauty. Here are the ten tips we shared with the group!

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One Sexy Fruit- How To Open a Pomegranate

Pomegranates are a sexy fruit. The juicy red arils (seeds), the way they exploded in your mouth, the sweet tart taste. Mmmm. No other fruit seems more suited to Valentine’s Day than pomegranates. However sexy, they can also be a messy pain to open if not done properly! No one likes red stained hands, cutting boards and countertops!

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A Naturally Clean Home

Someone once told me “you can either have a clean home, or a green home.” You can imagine my reaction! It took a lot of self control to not laugh/scoff in their face. Anyone that has ever been to my exceptionally neat and clean (yes I am patting myself on the back) apartment would know this is just not true!

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