Birthday Eyes

October 2, 2012
Birthday Eyes

Growing up I looked forward to my brithday all year. I have to give my parents credit for throwing some of the best birthday parties ever. I had an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party, and a Little Italy pastry fest amongst others. Whenever someone would say “your birthday is a million years away” I would get so frustrated! If I ¬†get a birthday every year how can my next one be a million years away?!?!?!

While I am long past Alice in Wonderland teas (although an old leather bound copy of the book  still sits on my bedside table), I do still look forward to my birthday. This year instead of a big party I am celebrating with a few family dinners, and a long weekend in East Hampton with Doug and Maddy.

With a week of celebratory evenings ahead ( yes, I said week!) I need an easy look that makes me feel like it’s my party! This super easy smokey eye fits the bill perfectly for birthday celebrations! Check out the video below to learn how to get The Smokey, more detailed steps can be found here.


By Sara